Winter Clarity- A Wolf Roleplay

Welcome to Winter Clarity, or Wolf Packs version two. Roleplay as a wolf, or other canines, and any animal that lives in Alaska or the Yukon territory, as that is where this roleplay takes place.
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Wolf Packs was founded on December 12, 2011. This site quickly grew, but as this was Roxy's first website, it became somewhat unkept. With 3000 messages and over a 100 users, Roxy decided it was time for a new home for Wolf Packs: Winter Clarity. We welcome you to our website and may Luna bless your stay!
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 it's always darkest before the dawn

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PostSubject: it's always darkest before the dawn   it's always darkest before the dawn Icon_minitimeSat Dec 13, 2014 1:00 am

The first tell tale sign that I am conscious is the smell of morning.

My dreams, while vivid, offer me little smell or taste or ability to feel, and the cold, crisp smell of dawn is my grip on reality. Luna occasionally plagues my sleep with snippets of her past life, letting me into the body of the Great Wolf to experience important bits of her life, which I'm not quite sure she carefully picks for me, along with vague hints at- I don't know, the future? Right now? Luckily the weird images only show up about once a week, although they have only began in the past few months, starting on my birthday. That was a night I remembered clearly, the last time I actually had a chat with my many times great grandmother.

She appeared as she always did when I had a vision of her, where all you can see is white, swirling snow, and suddenly her eyes would appear in the endless blizzard, and the ice would slow and I could see her. "Roxellia," she murmured, looking me up and down. "It's been a while," I said, rather uncomfortably, because I never know what to do in these situations. I still don't understand what's happening, why I am chosen out of all the Dolphus' to host the Mother of All Wolves in another war, if it comes to war. DarkPack hasn't been an issue to us in recent years. But she had just laughed, which made my hairs raise because it sounded so much like my own. "Not really," She says, sitting, her stiff facade melting into just another wolf. This is really the only time I feel normal around her, when I am reminded that even she was not perfect behind the scenes. "You forget that I am within you, just as I am with all wolves who favor light. But in your case, my spirit slumbers inside, stirred when you need me. I understand it is not your wish that I see all you do, and I assure you, Roxellia, this is not the case. You are still you." In other words, she only had made me more confused about everything. "For what is coming, I can't say for sure. But I think I can help. When I see fit, I will put you in my paws, to see the world as I once did, as I hope you'll someday let me. When the day comes, keep in mind it is not control I want." The snow had been picking up again, her image fading, when I spoke up, "Luna?" Instantly the storm slowed. Her blue eyes widen in surprise. "What, child?" I tilt my head, considering my words. I could have asked any number of questions, probably for the betterment of all, or clarification for me, but instead I manage, "Where are we?" This brings a chuckle from the white wolf. "I don't really know myself. The spirit of the moon, I believe." That raises a whole new set of questions, but the storm speed up again, and all I hear is the last words of the she-wolf: "Whenever you call, child, I'm there. I love you." That was months ago, of course, and she'd been silent since.

So there I was, laying down in a nice, warm den deep underground when the smell of the air told me it was time to get on with the day. With a quiet groan I opened my eyes, blinking a few times to get my eyes into focus. The Royal Cave Connection is constantly naturally lit during daylight hours in ways I've never really understood, and at night fires are lit in corners of hallways, a marvel taught to us by FirePack a few years ago. No matter my light source, though, I see my room clearly- My sleeping place, lined with various furs I'm rather proud of. On a rock shelf there lies an elk antler from the first one I brought down, and various other bits and bobs. Some days this room was my escape, and others it was my prison. I stood up, shaking out my pelt and making my way towards the exit. "Good morning, Roxellia," Says an Omega who bows and averts her eyes. Thalia, her name is. I nod in reply, standing straight up and rather rigid, an assertion of dominance I am supposed to be practicing. My cover crumbled with a smile, a quiet laugh. "Good Morning," I say, trying to regain control, but there's a smile now in her lowered eyes. I passed on, emerging after a few turns finally into the dawn. I close my eyes, breath a sigh on my lips as the low hanging mist, painted gold by the sun, begins to cling to my russet fur.

"Why, Madam Roxellia, do you stand here lollygagging? Don't you forget there are things to be done? Shouldn't you be preparing to be an Alpha?" Without bothering to open my eyes, I gently growl, "Shut up." My eyes opened, met by a playful set of gold. "Hey there, that's no way to talk to your superior."
"But I was born first."
"I've been here longer, though. I was expected to rule alone 'till someone decided to ruin the plan."
"I'm Dolphus."
"Thought you were Luna?"
"Shut up, Balto," I groaned again, because he was very aware I was talking about the surname. He grins, and nudges me gently. "I'm going out to hunt. You wanna come?" Yawning, I replied, "I think I'll eat, but thanks for the offer. Maybe I'll find you later." He shrugs, barks "Your loss" and trots out of the clearing. I watched, somewhat amused, until his dark grey form disappears into the forest.

Now for food. I walked towards the center of the camp, where the Hunter's Rocks overlook the thin portion of the river that goes through the camp, with a small heap of freshkill lying nearby. Choosing a large rabbit, I clambered to the top of the rock to eat.

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