Winter Clarity- A Wolf Roleplay

Welcome to Winter Clarity, or Wolf Packs version two. Roleplay as a wolf, or other canines, and any animal that lives in Alaska or the Yukon territory, as that is where this roleplay takes place.
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Wolf Packs was founded on December 12, 2011. This site quickly grew, but as this was Roxy's first website, it became somewhat unkept. With 3000 messages and over a 100 users, Roxy decided it was time for a new home for Wolf Packs: Winter Clarity. We welcome you to our website and may Luna bless your stay!
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 Updates- 8/10/15

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PostSubject: Updates- 8/10/15   Updates- 8/10/15 Icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2015 4:00 pm

In the past few days, Winter Clarity gained a few new updates which should make the overall experience of those on the website better.

A new currency, dubbed "steps", have been introduced, which are gained by posting and replying to topics, among other things. These steps can be traded in at the newly founded Shop to gain, at this time, other Alaskan animals to play, although later down the line other creatures, graphics and maybe events or abilities may be available to purchased.

Rule Additions
A few rule additions were made in the main rules about realism, along with an addition of the available alpha positions. Also, the rules and guide to affiliating were posted.

Boards Completed
Perhaps the most important announcement, all planned boards are officially up! Get out there and start roleplaying in any of them!

Additional Notes and Planned Changes
My request to help with lore went up, so PLEASE swing by and pitch an idea- All of them make my life many times easier! I plan on next redoing the map and getting guides to every pack up (My main constraint for doing this is lack of muse for writing the history, where your help is begged for!) including information on available ranks, history, customs, and a territory description. I also intend to rewrite the homepage description and history, and enter Winter Clarity in some of the roleplaying masterlists and directories- When I do, I'll put links up so hopefully we can be voted for!

The Shop
The Alpha List
The Rules (updated)
Affiliation Guide and Rules
Lore Brainstorming Topic

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Updates- 8/10/15
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