Winter Clarity- A Wolf Roleplay

Welcome to Winter Clarity, or Wolf Packs version two. Roleplay as a wolf, or other canines, and any animal that lives in Alaska or the Yukon territory, as that is where this roleplay takes place.
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Wolf Packs was founded on December 12, 2011. This site quickly grew, but as this was Roxy's first website, it became somewhat unkept. With 3000 messages and over a 100 users, Roxy decided it was time for a new home for Wolf Packs: Winter Clarity. We welcome you to our website and may Luna bless your stay!
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PostSubject: The Alphas   The Alphas Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2015 3:31 pm

Hi! I assume most of you who join will wonder: "Can my character become an alpha?" The short answer is yes, but I cannot give you immediate opportunity, at least for the Allegiance. I would like to see, before hand, a month of you roleplaying and interacting with others on the site, and then you are absolutely welcome to talk to me about being an alpha! Another thing is, the neutral packs and the Skulls are underdeveloped on my part, I'm afraid. I'll need your help in creating lore for them! And as a closing note, I'm currently reserving Light Pack, Lost Pack, and Rain Pack's alpha, and Dark Pack's is already known to be Azrael, so I'll figure out where to continue for those four's roleplayers. I'll get back to you ASAP when I know those spots have reopened. Also, Beta positions and below for all, save Lost Pack and Song Pack, are wide open. Feel free to take them.

Song Pack
Fire Pack (no alpha male yet)
Rain Pack*
Wind Pack
Light Pack*
Lost Pack*
Dark Pack
The Skulls
The Pack of Shimmering Mist
Frost Pack

Star symbolizes reservation/tbd, strike represents taken

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